半挂车是一种我们几乎每天都能看到的交通工具. 许多小孩子都对“大车”着迷.” But the aver年龄 person likely doesn’t know a lot about semi trucks. For example, you might call them tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers or just trucks. In this blog, we’ll answer all your basic questions about semi trucks.


A semi is a heavy-duty truck used for hauling large loads. 严格来说,它们是7级或8级车辆. 进行比较, the big pickups you see pulling camping trailers are usually Class 2b or Class 3 vehicles, 有时4班. 


其实把卡车叫做半挂车有点不对. 这个词最初指的是预告片. Because the trailers don’t have a front set of wheels, they aren’t technically trailers. 所以它们被称为半挂车. Over time, people started referring to the truck-trailer combo as a semi, then just the truck. 

它们还有很多其他常见的名字. 18-Wheeler is one of the most popular and refers to the 18 wheels that a semi typically has when pulling a trailer. Tractor-trailer是另一个你可能经常听到的术语. All of these names refer to the combo of the truck and trailer, though are most commonly associated with just the truck portion.


You can divide trucks into two categories: sleeper and day cab. A sleeper is used for long-haul trucking because it has a bedroom compartment in the back of the truck. Sleepers can be pretty basic with just a single bed and some stor年龄. 或者两张床也可以很豪华, 迷你冰箱和微波炉, 电视和环绕立体声, 和更多的! 对于一辆卡车来说,这听起来可能很多, but drivers can spend a week or more living in their truck, getting out only for bathroom breaks and to fill up the tank.


日间出租车就是一辆没有睡觉区域的大卡车. These trucks are used for shorter distances where the driver gets to go home at the end of his shift. You often see day cabs at distribution centers, ports, and even airports. Wherever there is a high volume of things shipped, you’ll often see day cabs around.


你可以有高顶、中顶或平顶卡车. High-roof trucks have the tallest roof possible, giving the driver plenty of room to stand up. 高顶卡车的内部高度可超过8英尺. 中顶卡车的内部通常在6英尺9英寸左右. 平顶卡车的内部高度约为5英尺. These features determine how comfortable the driver will be while living in the truck, but also impact what you can pull with that truck and where you can go. Low bridges, tunnels and other road features mean tall vehicles can’t take some roads.

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一辆Mack Anthem卧铺卡车


That answer varies a lot depending on the 制作和建模 of the truck as well as the engine in the truck. Day cabs (the ones without beds) generally weigh around 15-16,000磅, 大约相当于两头成年亚洲象. Small sleepers (the flat roof ones) are about 1,000磅 more. 这就像把北极熊放在大象身上一样. 大枕木的重量可超过18000磅.


不! 拖车用一个大别针固定在卡车上, 叫做王别针, that’s usually 2-3 inches thick sticking out of the underside of the trailer. 想象一下一个水瓶大小的实心钢管. 主别针穿过第五个轮子, a big horseshoe-shaped piece of metal on the back of the truck, 然后用夹子把它锁住. Tow hitches just wouldn’t be strong enough to pull a full trailer. Fifth wheels also bring the weight of the front half of the trailer right over the back wheels, 使它更容易拉高, 重型拖车.



As with weight, the price changes depending on the kind of truck, the engine and other features. 新款半挂车的起价通常在100美元以上,000, 但在更大的卡车上有更多的功能, 价格可能接近200美元,000. bet36体育投注 能不能以更低的价格买到一辆好卡车. 这些房子的价格通常在4万至7万美元左右. But prices can go lower or higher depending on the mile年龄, 条件, 年龄, 制作和建模, 二手卡车的特点. Some can be as low as $10,000 for older or high mile年龄 trucks.

Curious to learn more about what buying process looks like? 看看 我们的二手半挂车购买指南.


半挂车在6.5和10英尺. The height depends on whether the truck has a higher roof on the sleeper, or a roof cap. The roof cap is a curved piece coming over the roof of the truck to make it more aerodynamic. 许多日间出租车的车顶都很高, allowing air to flow smoothly up the front of the truck and across the top of the trailer.



拉力超过26000磅. But the maximum for many trucks is actually road weight limits. In every state, 80,000磅 is the limit for all vehicles. 这相当于26辆普锐斯! 重量也取决于拖车的类型. 


Dry van trailers are the typical rectangular box you see on the road. They are used for shipping lots of consumer goods like clothes, toys, electronics, books 和更多的. 

冷藏货车, 或冷藏, 看起来像干货车, but they have a big cooler attached to the front of the trailer. They are used to transport food that needs to stay cold like meat, cheese and ice cream. 


然后,有 平板拖车 which can be just a flat base, or a big step, called a drop deck or step deck. These are used to transport big things that don’t need to be protected from rain or wind, 或者是货车装不下的东西. 

另一种拖车是油罐车. 有很多种油轮. Some empty from the back, some from the bottom, some from the top. 他们可以携带各种液体,如牛奶或油, but they are also used to haul things like wheat and beans. 

最后一种常见的拖车类型是 车搬运工. 有开放的和 封闭式汽车拖车. Open 车搬运工s are more common and used to move cars from a port or factory to a distribution point or dealership. Enclosed 车搬运工s protect the car from any dam年龄 on the road, so they’re used more for very expensive cars or custom cars, 喜欢的跑车.


嗯,这很难说. 作为麦克和沃尔沃的授权经销商, we think they are some of the best performing semis on the market today. But the “best” truck is often based on opinion and the exact application.

这些是最基本的! 你总是能做到的 browse our large inventory of new and used semi trucks for sale. 我们欢迎大家提问,欢迎在社交媒体上找到我们!